Interview with Luis Kav, professor at LABA Valencia

Meet Luis Kav, Faculty member:

Luis Kav is an artist who portrays his inner world, concerns and projections through photographs that depict the challenges faced by human beings. His conceptual style comprises minimalist and oxygenated images. 

Art, in all its forms, ranging from painting and literature to comics and photographs… has given me free rein to brainstorm and build new worlds, as well as giving me a platform where I can express my inner world, feelings, and reflections. 

That is why I have always tried to experiment, discover and explore new forms of expression. That’s precisely how I ended up gravitating towards photography. It crossed my path while I was wandering around illustrations and I decided to stay. Art allowed me to flesh out my ideas, captivating me so much that I chose to pursue an artistic career. 

The reminiscence to other creative media is a constant in my work. In some of my works, I have decided to use theatrical illuminations with a marked chiaroscuro and low key, almost baroque. Painting has also left its small seed in many of my creations. In others, I have resorted to natural light within wide and diaphanous landscapes. That explains why nature appears as an ongoing theme of my work due to my background. Within general planes, the figure is static and occupies a central place in the work, illustrating vast natural landscapes and the feelings of solitude and freedom. 

Photographic Practices is a hands on and innovative class that doesn’t follow the conventional norms associated with studying. We will learn a wide range of techniques to remove all barriers that prevent us from executing our ideas. We will engage in a creative process that´s rooted in teamwork so that all members can contribute to the project and learn from one another. 

Students will begin to understand technical and visual codes and explore different methods to challenge these conventions, allowing them to improve their visual language and develop their creative side. They will acquire transferable skills through an array of photographic genres. 

These are some of the authors that I am interested in: Gregory Crewdson, Tim Walker, Nicky Hamilton, Desirée Dolron 

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