Admission and matriculation.

Registration, admission, and matriculation.

Below you will find the steps you must follow to enrol in LABA Valencia. The admissions procedure entails three key steps:

  1. Pre-registration,
  2. Selection process
  3. Matriculation.

The process will be thoroughly explained below. Please remember that you can contact LABA’s Student Secretariat if you have any further questions and/or require any further information. 



Please note that this calendar is temporary and subject to change. 

The pre-registration period will open in January and will likely close at the end of August, depending on the availability of places. Tuition discounts will be applied to applicants who register early.

Matriculation will open on January and close on September.

The official presentation of the academic year will be on September 24.


Once you have chosen the bachelor’s degree you would like to enrol in and you have checked its entry requirements, you can begin the pre-registration process.

The pre-registration is done through the registration form, filling in your personal information and attaching the following documents in PDF format:

  • (*) Two-sided copy of your ID, NIE, or passport
  • Copy of your high school diploma or equivalent qualification (if you have not finished your studies at the time of the request, your diploma or equivalent qualification must be sent as soon as you complete it)
  • For non-Spanish citizens: Copy of your post-secondary qualification or equivalent. If admitted, foreign qualifications must be translated and legalized to complete your matriculation
  • (*) Personal statement
  • Official English and Spanish language certificates (optional)

(*) Required documents

Once the pre-registration form has been sent, LABA will review all documents and will confirm if you have entered the selection process within the next 48 hours.


LABA will contact students who have successfully passed phase 2 to schedule an interview, which can be done remotely or in-person at LABA. 

The interview will last around 20 minutes and LABA’s team will evaluate your level of general knowledge, your interest in the arts, your motivation to study your chosen course, and your level of English and Spanish. 

Once the interview has finished, you will receive your admissions decision within the next 48-hour period. If you are offered a place, you will also receive the following documents that you will need to fill in prior to matriculating:

  • The registration form, including LABA’s General Regulations + Privacy Policy and Data protection statement.
  • The instructions for the enrolment deposit to reserve your place.

As soon as LABA Valencia receives all the required documentation and proof of payment, the Matriculation Kit will be available in your personal area. From then on, you will be officially admitted to the course of your choice, but not yet matriculated.


To successfully finalise your enrolment, you must do the following:

  • Pay the full tuition fees fifteen days before the start of the course.
  • Fill in and send all required documents within your personal area
  • Non-European students: Process the visa prior to your arrival in Spain and be in the process of obtaining the NIE

Transfer credit policy

Students coming from other institutions, universities or academies either in Spain or abroad can apply for transfer credit. To begin the procedure, the student must submit the following documents, which will be carefully reviewed by LABA:

  • Certified copy of teaching plans.
  • Certified copy of didactic contents and syllabus.
  • Certified copy of the most recent transcript.
  • Application form, which can be obtained at the centre itself.

The Academic Board will make the proposal of the subject, module, or credit recognition and, according to the resolution of the Academic Board, the individual transcript may be adjusted.


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