BACHELOR OF ARTS (HONS) in Digital and Multimedia Design

In the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Digital and Multimedia Design, you will gain a solid foundation in a sector with a large international presence and a high demand for professionals, developing the profile of a multimedia digital designer who is prepared to meet the growing needs of a rapidly expanding market.

  • Degree type: Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons)
  • Credits: 360 UK credits = 180 ECTS
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Timetable: Full-time
  • Language: Spanish and English
  • Mode: In-person 


In the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Digital and Multimedia Design, you will develop your creativity as a professional in web design, cross-platform apps, multimedia creation, digital art, advertising, and transmedia storytelling.

You will gain a solid foundation in a sector with a large international presence and a high demand for professionals, developing the profile of a multimedia digital designer who is prepared to meet the growing needs of a rapidly expanding market.

From day one, you will aspire to become a professional in digital design and multimedia, creating a multidisciplinary portfolio, learning the most current languages and tools used by pioneering firms at a national and international level through lessons, masterclasses, and workshops with the best active teachers, as well as internships in several companies. 

You will learn how to apply your creativity to the design and development of competitive digital products.  Likewise, you will learn how to design and create products by using the sector’s most popular software such as Adobe’s Creative Suite, prototyping app and website software, Cinema 4D, Unity, etc. You will also learn about the trends in digital design (UX, UI, 3D, AR, VR, Gaming, etc.) and its applications in the different sectors of the creative industries: web and app design, advertising, film and television, shows, events and festivals, communication, digital art, new media, mixed media…

You will also learn how to devise, develop, and lead creative projects, manage teams, in addition to creating and financing your own business and projects.

As a key component of your degree, you will prepare your personal eportfolio and network with professionals and companies that are actively involved in this sector. They will access your online profile and learn about your skills. Your personal eportfolio will, therefore, maximize your access to opportunities, including the best internships and job positions, helping you build international networks that will strengthen your position in the creative and professional world.

Career prospects

The connection between new media and the current job landscape offers an incredible context that is rich in opportunities and development: web and app design, directing and producing, TV shows using digital technology, industrial and scientific simulations, 3D movie/brand animation, tourism promotion, cultural heritage, multimedia for live events and shows, etc.

In the years ahead, the European Commission predicts that there will be between 500,000 and 750,000 unfilled jobs in these areas. Within the next 4 years, the job offer for multimedia creators will increase at a rate of 26%, one of the highest rates of all professions.

With a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Digital and Multimedia Design, you will obtain the necessary training to immediately join the job market in the creative industry, advertising and creativity departments, managerial positions of creative teams, companies and institutions that specialize in digital imaging, communication, culture and art, as well as being able to set up your multimedia design studio and collaborate with web developers and creatives from every corner of the world.

90% of LABA’s Graphic and Digital Design students are employed within six months of graduation.

Possible career opportunities:

Multimedia / transmedia / digital media designer
Content and digital platform creator
Web designer and developer
App designer
UX designer
Graphical interface designer
Motion graphics designers
Art director
Photo editor
Creative 3D infographic designer
Videogame, film, television, and interactive product designer
Branding specialist
Digital artist
Social media manager
Social media content creator

Examples of companies/sectors you can work for:

Technology and app development companies
Design and consulting studies
Advertising, communication, marketing, and branding agencies
Art industry
Graphic industry: Prepress and printing
Audio-visual production companies
Press, book, and record publishers
Creative departments of businesses and institutions
Communication departments of businesses and institutions

Methodology and objectives

With more than two decades of experience and four campuses in Italy, LABA’s methodology has a uniquely practical approach aimed at the job market, encouraging students to develop artistic experimentation habits. This methodology is based on learning by doing and design thinking processes, combining in-person classes, online learning, workshops, and masterclasses led by pioneering artists and institutions. Your educational experience at LABA will also include internships in companies with highly renowned professionals.

Other aspects worth highlighting are:

  • Small classes, with a maximum of 18 students per group
  • Internships in national and international companies
  • Lessons taught in Spanish and English

The objective of the BACHELOR OF ARTS (HONS) in Digital and Multimedia Design is to enhance a student’s artistic and technical ability to tackle the projects that our current professional environment is involved in, and to promote a multidisciplinary, innovative and international profile, as well as fostering an entrepreneurial spirit.


The first year

focuses on basic digital design concepts, communication theory, project methodology, cutting-edge digital tools for UI design, prototyping, as well as photo, video, and sound editing. Students also devise an individual project over the course of the academic year and attend workshops and masterclasses taught by leading experts in these fields. These professionals help students explore the different careers offered by the creative industries sector.


In the second year,

students acquire in-depth and advanced knowledge of the main techniques and software, including knowledge of web and app development, art direction, 3D modelling, animation, and special effects. Students analyze the most important digital design and mixed media trends and also learn about the methods used to manage and develop team projects.

Students will develop a collaborative project where they will have to combine all the knowledge acquired throughout the course.

You can enrich your training with multiple workshops and complementary subjects such as advertising, branding and digital marketing, advanced infographics, cross-platform programming, etc.


The third year

focuses on preparing the student for employment and professional development, through internships in companies, preparing the final year project and acquiring the required knowledge and skills for learning, such as the ability to create and finance a startup or the ability to handle academic work while leading international creative companies.


Year 1

Professional Development
Contextual Studies
Individual Project
Techniques & Processes
Digital Design Practices
Graphic Design Practices
Communication in Art & Design
Media practices
Screen-based Practices

Year 2

Professional Practice
Applied Practice Collaborative Project Advanced Digital Design Studies
3D Modelling & Rendering
Digital Animation
Social Media Practice

Year 3

Final year project
Art direction
Creative Entrepreneurship
Professional internship



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