BACHELOR OF ARTS (HONS) in Photography and Video

In the BA in Photography and Video, you will develop your creative talent as a professional photographer, video creator and editor. Upon the completion of your degree, you will become a great professional who is ready to work in one of the fastest-growing industries.

  • Degree type: Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons)
  • Credits: 360 UK credits = 180 ECTS
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Timetable: Full-time
  • Language: Spanish & English

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In the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Photography and Video, you will develop your creative talent as a professional photographer, video creator and editor. Upon the completion of your degree, you will become a great professional who is ready to work in one of the fastest-growing industries. You will have acquired the necessary knowledge about the use of photography in the areas of reporting, advertising, entertainment (television, film and theatre, live events, etc.), as well as in the areas of industrial photography, architecture, interiors, product, fashion and Still Life photography. In addition to learning about the technical issues related to production and editing, studying videos involves video art, video marketing, live events, video mapping, videos used to improve artistic and cultural assets, etc.

You will learn how to use professional cameras, camcorders and the software currently used in the market; how to create lighting sets, how to take high-quality pictures and videos with mobile phones and drones, how to produce streaming events on YouTube and other online platforms, etc.

You will also learn how to devise, develop and lead creative projects and interdisciplinary work teams, how to create and finance your own company and projects, creating international networks that will strengthen your position in the artistic and working world.

We offer you a degree that is focused on maximizing your job opportunities and the tools to access the world of work from the get-go.  As a key component of your degree, you will develop your personal eportfolio and network with professionals and companies that are actively involved in the sector. They will access your online profile and learn about your skills. Your personal eportfolio, therefore, will maximize your access to the best job opportunities and internships.

Art comprises an essential part of LABA and we place a special emphasis on the aesthetic and expressive aspects of photography and video, encouraging creative experimentation at all times. A crucial approach not only for a student but for the continuous development of any creative professional.

Besides your degree’s modules, LABA will offer multiple workshops, master classes and seminars led by well-renowned artists and professionals, who will share their vision, expertise and professional secrets, and will introduce us to the most current trends in the fields of creation: 360-degree photography and videos, the minimalist image, creative provocation, after movies, mixed media, video marketing trends, etc.

Career prospects

The rise of video and photography as a means of expression, documentation and advertising in all areas of work, makes professionals in these sectors one of the most sought-after profiles in the market. As a Photography and Video graduate, you will have access to a wide range of amazing job opportunities:

  • As a freelance professional, creating your own audiovisual production company and/or studio
  • As an independent visual artist and video maker 
  • As an art director for companies, publishers, newspapers, and media
  • As a photography director for the cinema, theatre and entertainment industries
  • In specialized areas of photography and video, including fields such as:
    • Fashion
    • Industrial Design and Architecture
    • Interior Design
    • Product Design
    • Scientific and environmental communication
    • Communication and creativity related to travel and tourism
    • Cultural goods and heritage
  • In the publishing field
  • TV and cinema
  • As a marketing professional, in traditional and online media
  • As an audiovisual creative in festivals, concerts, events and live shows
  • As a communicator and trendsetter, in online media such as Youtube or Instagram
  • And many more!

Methodology and objectives

With more than two decades of experience and four campuses in Italy, LABA’s methodology has a uniquely practical approach aimed at the job market, encouraging students to develop artistic experimentation habits. This methodology is based on learning by doing and design thinking processes, combining in-person classes, online learning, workshops and masterclasses led by pioneering artists and institutions. Your educational experience at LABA will also include internships in companies with highly renowned professionals.

Other aspects worth highlighting are:

  • Small classes, with a maximum of 18 students per group
  • Internships in national and international companies
  • Lessons taught in Spanish and English

The objective of the BACHELOR OF ARTS (HONS) in Photography and Video is to develop the artistic and technical capacity of the students to tackle the projects demanded by our current professional environment and to promote a multidisciplinary, innovative and international profile, as well as an entrepreneurial spirit among the student body.

First-year students acquire the tools to start developing their own vision and building a narrative, such as the techniques and methodologies of professional work that will allow you to develop and lead creative and visual projects in the near future. You will learn how to use professional cameras and video cameras, mobiles and drones to take and generate high-quality images. You will learn how to employ different lighting techniques and use the main professional software. Students will also prepare an individual project over the academic year and attend workshops and masterclasses with professionals who will help them explore the different professions of the creative industries sector.

In the second year, students acquire advanced knowledge of the main software and techniques, analyse the most important trends in photography, video and mixed media and learn professional methodologies to manage and develop projects in teams. The degree also offers an in-depth analysis of the different specialisations in photography and video, learning how to master the specifics and standards of each field: fashion photography, architectural photography, editorial photography, still life photography, event photography, etc.; documentary video, video art, advertising and commercial video, etc. You will also study art direction, thus opening the doors to one of the most sought-after creative professions in the audiovisual market. As part of the course, you will work on a collaborative project, bringing together all the knowledge you acquired throughout your first two years.  

You can enrich your training with multiple workshops, masterclasses and complementary subjects such as sound design, 2D and 3D animation, communication, and social media branding, etc.

The third year focuses on preparing the student’s job and professional development. This is done through taking internships in companies, preparing the final year project and acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills for learning, such as your ability to create and finance a startup or the ability to manage a studio while leading international creative teams.




Year 1

  • Contextual Studies
  • Lighting for Photography
  • Media practices – Video
  • Media practices – Sound
  • Screen Based Practices
  • LAB: Premiere Pro- Part 1
  • LAB: Premiere Pro- Part 2
  • LAB: Visual Narratives
  • Individual Project
  • Professional Development
  • Photographic Practices

Year 2

  • Videography Core 
  • LAB: Script  
  • LAB: Visual Narratives
  • LAB: Advanced Video Edition 
  • Sound For Media Products
  • Art Direction
  • Commercial Photography
  • Professional practices
  • Advanced Photographic Studios
  • LAB: Advanced Retouching

Year 3

  • Independent Practice Exploration
  • Independent Research
  • Materials and Methods
    LAB: Visual Narratives
    LAB: Script
    LAB: Direction of photography for video
    LAB: Art direction for advertising and post-production
  • Professional Futures
    LAB: Workshop with Magnum
    LAB: Professional communication (portfolio, website, social networks
  • Independent Practice Realisation
    LAB: Digital video post-production
    LAB: AI
    LAB: Art Direction for Video


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