International Master in Multimedia Creation for Performing Arts and Live Shows

In collaboration with Fundación EPICA LA FURA DELS BAUS and LABA Florencia

International Master in Multimedia Creation for Performing Arts and Live Shows

In collaboration with Fundación EPICA LA FURA DELS BAUS and LABA Florencia

From Robert Wilson to La Fura dels Baus, light and the different elements of multimedia become essential protagonists of visual art. Multidimensionality, the video in its multiple formats, the sound space in live interaction, the incorporation of new technologies, the participation of  Internet users in the evolution of the artwork and the interaction with the public, turned into a co-interpreter of the actions, have transformed the world of performance arts.

Throughout the master’s degree, students will be trained in a series of core subjects that will converge in the preparation and realization of a visual performance under the direction of Pep Gatell, Artistic Director of Fundación Epica La Fura dels Baus.
The work will be performed in Valencia (Spain) and in Florence (Italy).
“The interdisciplinary approach of La Fura dels Baus has led to amalgamation of the ritual and atavistic with the hypertechnological on the scene: from the first fiery impact proposals, through Olympic ceremonies, opera performances or online productions.” Pep Gatell.


Throughout the course, students will receive the necessary theoretical knowledge related to creating multimedia for the show; They will learn to conceive, build and interact with the main elements of the scene. They will carry out a complete immersion in the development of a performance under the direction of Pep Gatell, Artistic Director of Fundación Epica La Fura dels Baus, Cristina Casanova, course dircetor, and with the help of all the teaching staff. The show will be performed in both Valencia and Florence.

In parallel, students will receive a solid background, throughout the modules, of the most cutting-edge and professional software currently available:  
Mad mapper and After Efects for videomapping and video scenes, Ableton software for sound editing and live composition, Touchdesigner language for lighting and interaction in the scene and Kalliope for interaction with the participating public.

Aimed at

 It is aimed at Artists, multimedia creators, performers, musicians, visual artists, technicians and designers with an interest in scenic creation, video mapping, technologies applied to the performing arts in its different aspects – theater, dance, performance, music -.
It is advisable that participants have basic knowledge in the use of photo and video and / or sound editing software.


QÜBICA. Experiencias innovadoras creadas para transformar y evolucionar



Sala Carme Teatre


PHASE 1: Fundamentals

Period: from January to May
Teaching and practical hours: 350

Through five core modules we will explore the relationship between multimedia and entertainment. We will learn the concepts, techniques and software necessary for multimedia creation in the performance and performing arts: video in its multiple formats, sound creation, sensors and interactive elements and interaction with the public

Module 1: Context. Multimedia and the live performance

30 teaching hours

In this module we will explore the different approaches to multimedia in performance art. A historical journey through the most experimental formats, to learn about the infinite possibilities offered by the combination of audiovisual media in creative performances. The module will feature talks by creators and stage directors who present their experience and work to us first-hand.
It will also include a production sub-module.

Module 2: Videoscene / Videomapping

80 teaching hours

In this module we will explore and work on the video scene and video mapping. These are increasingly integrated into the contemporary scene, as the art of using video and light projections on any surface, turning common objects into dynamic three-dimensional scenes, with effects that produce complete audience immersion.

This study of the possibilities and conditioning factors of projection technology will be carried out in its two complementary aspects of video scene and videomapping, and their integration as main elements of stage performances. We will combine the study of context, with reference cases of the audiovisual in the performing arts, with the practical study of projection techniques.
The module consists of
Context (9 hours)
Editing and visual creation with After Effects (20 hours)
Editing and video mapping (51)

Software: Affter EffectsMadmappertouchdesigner

Module 3: Sound design and live composition

50 teaching hours

In this module, students will learn to record, compose, arrange, mix and specifically design live performances, whilst immersing themselves in sound design and music from the perspective of sound and experimental art.
Within the module, Ableton Live software, the most versatile program in the music software market, will be studied.
Its fast learning curve and intuitive interface have made it a powerful creative composition tool. We will cover the aspects of production, synthesis, mixing, effects processing and what is the best workflow for each need and presentation. We will develop sessions designed for live events and describe how each tool within Ableton Live can help the student develop a live performance.

This module consists of two subjects

Context: applications of sound and music in the scene (10 hours)
Sound: Editing, composition and live sound with Ableton software (40 hours)

Software: Ableton

Module 4: Lighting Design

45 teaching hours

A general introduction to stage lighting, reviewing the theoretical and technical concepts required to work on lighting a stage project. The student will be given tools to create and control lighting through a visual language, experimentation with the luminaire and the use of the MADMAPPER software. The basic and technical concepts of lighting will be studied, examples of scenes in which lighting is one of the main elements will be reviewed and non-conventional luminaires will be experimented with (video projectors, laser, Addressable LED, special effects, smoke, fire , wind, as well as surface properties) in order to make lighting creation one of the protagonists of the work.


Module 5: Interactivity Design

70 teaching hours

This module is divided into 2 sub-modules:

Module 5 a: Technologies and the design of interactivity in stage performances

Every day the symbiosis between performing arts and technology applied to interactivity is more evident.
In this module, students have everything they need to design and create interactive elements in the scene, fusing design, art, technology and crafts. They will be introduced to the specific software and use of sensors for interactive installations and the world of “real time” and the Touchdesigner programming language to produce and manipulate immersive experiences and simulations of physical phenomena.

Module 5b: Technologies and the design of live interactive performances

In this second sub-module we will work on the interaction with the public through the use of the Kalliópê software, designed and used by La Fura dels Baus in its shows for the communication of audiovisual content in large audiences, programming interactions with the public by sending  multimedia messages to their mobile devices in a segmented / personalized way that converge in the creation of an active part of the performance.
The software allows the creation of channels, the definition of filters and the programming of interactions with the public through their mobiles.

Software: Lenguaje Touchdesigner y app Kalliope

PHASE 2: Inspiration

Period: June
Teaching hours: 30

During the month of June, once the core subjects are finished, a series of masterclasses will take place with experienced professionals from different fields of culture, science, psychology, gastronomy, art, music and medicine, amongst others. The objective of these masterclasses is to offer a vision of the most current and cutting-edge topics, the most innovative lines of research, in order to stimulate the students’ reflection and offer inspiration for the next phase of the master´s, in which, together with Pep Gatell, director of La Fura dels Baus and Fundación Épica La Fura dels Baus, they will create a show that will be performed live at the end of the course.

PHASE 3: Construction / production

Period: from July to November
Teaching hours: 240

In this third part of the master’s degree, the show that will be presented live in Valencia and Italy will be shaped.
Students will work with Pep Gatell, director of La Fura dels Baus and Fundación Épica La Fura dels Baus, Cristina Casanova Artistic Director of LABA Valencia and the master’s faculty to design a live show using the techniques and methodologies of the Fura dels Baus, methodologies that the EPICA Foundation is in charge of collecting, transmitting and applying to the creation of new visual and performative projects.
At the same time, the students will continue with the development of the previous modules, during which and under the guidance of the teachers, they will create and combine the different elements of the show and, under the direction of Pep Gatell, they will amalgamate these elements into a visual project.

Direction. Pep Gatell.
Videoscene and videomapping.
Sound design and live composition.
Illumination design.
Interactivity design: interaction on stage.
Interactivity design: Interaction with the public.

PHASE 4: Representation

Rehearsal hours: 120 (for the two shows, in Valencia and in Italy)

The final phase of the course and the final phase of any creative process of a scenic and performative type: is the live performance of the show.
It is not only a final master’s project, but also the commitment of all participants, including the teachers, to a live production, which they will have their names associated with. 

The final show will be performed in both Valencia and Florence. We have chosen to perform it in two different cities as one of the important aspects of a stage performance is the ability to adapt it to different spaces and contexts. In addition to being a fundamental artistic and creative element, knowing how to give a show this flexibility is essential for its sustainability and for it to be more easily contracted.
In this phase, work will be done intensively, during the two weeks prior to the show, in the performance space. We will work in the LABA Valencia facilities and in the performance spaces chosen for the event. Two intensive weeks, of daily work, will allow us to capture our show in each of the stage environments and, finally, represent it at the end of each process.
* The possibility of representing the show in Florence is optional and will depend on the number of students who decide to participate.



Pep Gatell - Fundación Épica La fura dels Baus

Pep Gatell. Artistic Director

Founder and Artistic Dircetor of La Fura dels Baus y Director Artístico de Fundación Épica La Fura dels Baus.

Andrea Contino. Course Coordinator
Director of LABA Valencia. School of Art, Design & New Media

Faculty Staff

Pep Gatell. Founder and Artistic Director of  “La Fura dels Baus” and Artistic Director of  “Fundación Épica La Fura dels Baus”.

Cristina Casanova. Multimedia Creator & sound artist. Director of LABA Valencia. School of Art, Design & New Media.

Pelayo Arrizabalaga

Pelayo Arrizabalaga. Electroacoustic composer pioneer of improvisation in Europe and multidisciplinary artist.

Pierluigi Barberis

Pierluigi Barberis. Music production and sound engineering. Co-founder of Curiosibot.


Siddharth Gautam. Visual artist and multidisciplinary designer, specialized in the moving image. Co-director of the production company La Rabiosa. 

Francesc Ribes. Co-director at Radiante, a creative studio for stage design and audiovisual lighting and video installations.

Manuel Conde. Lighting design and creator of video scenes. Co-director at Radiante, a creative studio for stage design and audiovisual lighting and video installations.

Nadala Fernández. Production at Fundación Épica La Fura dels Baus. Owner at TEMPUS FUGIT PRODUCCIONES SL.


Pablo Alpe

Pablo Álvarez. Senior interactive designer. Co-founder and Technical Director at Vitamin-arte: Interactive Events and Videomapping

Javier Mújica

Javier Mujica. Co-founder and Creative Director of Vitamin-arte: Interactive Events and Videomapping.


pedro lorente

Pedro Lorente. Chief Technology Officer at Fundación Épica La Fura dels Baus. Co-founder of IGLOR Advanced Audiovisual Solutions.

LABA Valencia. School of Art, Design & New Media – Calle Quart 21-23 – 46001 Valencia, Spain – CIF B40506768 – VAT ESB40506768
Student service phone: +34 626 68 81 51

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