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“AMOR”, scenic play of the International Master’s Degree in International Master in Multimedia Creation for Performing Arts and Live Shows. Edition 2022

Premiere: 11 December 2022
Teatre EL TEM
Valencia, Spain

Directed by:
Pep Gatell – action hall | Cristina Casanova – interior scenes

Assistant director:
Manuel Conde

Manuel Conde | Siddharth Gautam | Pablo Álvarez | Nadala Fernández | Pedro Lorent

Almudena Carpio | Gaby Mendez | Andrea Mir | Maria Peredo | Maysdel Rodríguez | Isaac Rovira | Luis Triviño

+  Eduardo Jairycovich, costume designer | Sara Miso, dance performer | Roser Arroyas and Fran Asensi, actors video-scene piece

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As a production of the 1st edition of the International Master’s Degree in Multimedia Creation and Live Shows, on 11 December 2022 we premiered at the TEM – TEATRE EL MUSICAL, one of the most important in Valencia, the play “AMOR” co-directed by Pep Gatell – action hall and Cristina Casanova – interior scenes, together with the teachers and students of the master’s degree.

The master’s degree is aimed at:

Students/professionals interested in multimedia creation, video mapping, software, and technologies applied to the arts in their different aspects: installations, performing arts, and music.

It is required that participants have knowledge of the use of video, photography, and/or sound editing software.


Fundación Épica La Fura dels Baus  


QÜBICA. Experiencias innovadoras creadas para transformar y evolucionar


Teatre El Musical         Sala Carme Teatre

Photographies of the scenic play AMOR, production of LABA Valencia in the 1st edition of the master’s degree.

“Impressive result of the PLAY done by the students of the International Master in Multimedia Creation for Performing Arts and Live Shows of LABA Valencia.
The piece, entitled 𝗔𝗠𝗢𝗥, was presented yesterday at the TEM, thanks to the collaboration between the two institutions and has been tutored by teachers of the stature of Pep Gatell and Nadala Fernández of Fundación Épica La Fura dels Baus, Manuel Conde of Radiante and Cristina Casanova director of LABA Valencia.
Thank you for your work. Congratulations.”

Teatre El Musical

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“Only 25 years ago, in Valencia, it was impossible to study “seriously” from a diaphanous, constructive, and contemporary vision of art, design, sound/music, and the new tools that open new paths of multidisciplinary expression. And last Sunday at the TEM I was thrilled to see that we already have another reality thanks to the director, Cristina Casanova, and her team. And not only at the regional level but at the national level!

Bravo! 👏
Congratulations to everyone!”

Ivan Llopis
#Composer – #soundartist
Co-Founder @banjo_soundscapes

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Photographies of the  production of LABA Valencia in the 1st edition of the master’s degree.

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