Testimony of Luca
Cacioli, LABA Firenze alumni

After graduating from a technical institute, I enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture in Florence. My passion for photography made me drop my degree in the second year and enroll at LABA Florencia.

In the initial interview with the Director Mauro Manetti I already realized that I had made the best choice.Not only because I was able to deepen my passion for photography, but because in addition to technical training they teach general culture that is fundamental for your growth as a person.

LABA allowed me to get in contact and carry out internships with different professionals that helped shape my professional future.My advice is to fight for what you like and to get your dream job. It requires sacrifice and passion. Especially in this creative-artistic field that is always in constant evolution.

Personally, I think it is important to never forget the creative part, even if we are immersed in the world of work. The combination of both factors will give us a better final result.

Instagram @luca_cacioli_fotografo

Facebook: cacioli.luca

Linkedin: Luca Cacioli

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