Testimony of Elisa Alnaider, LABA Brescia alumni

My name is Elisa and I am a product manager for a Spanish fashion company.

I have lived in Barcelona for 15 years. Since I was a student in Italy, I was excited about the idea of ​​living abroad. It was difficult for me to decide between Barcelona or Japan, but finally the distance made me choose Barcelona.

I am a very familiar person, and despite not wanting to get away from my relatives, I felt the need to listen to that inner voice that told me that I had to see the world and discover new cultures. And here I am.

I currently work as a product manager for a company in Barcelona and I am the mother of two beautiful children, Joel and Lluna.

I studied at the Libera academy of fine arts LABA, in Brescia, graduating in fashion painting.

LABA has been a place where I have been able to be myself, that time was like a springboard in the face of what was my unknown future. I remember enrolling in Milan at Brera, a very well-known university in Italy, but after speaking with Roberto Donzanelli, who was and is the current director of LABA Brescia, I did not hesitate to change. At that time, I needed to be given a pair of wings and he was offering them to me.

In my case, studying painting, I have been able to experience different fields such as photography, printing and design, and then focus on fashion, hoping that it would be my job opportunity, and it has been.

You need enthusiasm, perseverance, a lot of commitment and above all, creativity. At Custo I take care of deciding what the new trends of the season will be and I also manage and distribute the product in our internal stores. I decide to believe that creativity is possible especially in this time as doubtful as the one we are living now

I would study at LABA again for different reasons, but there are 4 in particular that I would like to suggest:

For the human value that is capable of transmitting to you

For the freedom that allows you to express yourself, to express your creativity

For the great professionals who have accompanied me at that time

And for the numerous job opportunities that it is able to offer you during your studies

LABA has transmitted this great freedom of vision to me, which for me is worth more than millions of master’s degrees.

Linkedin: Elisa Alnaider

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