MICME. Interactive Arts Festival 14-15 June 2024

14 and 15 June : from 19:30h to 23h.
At LABA Valencia. C) Quart 21-23

On the 14th and 15th of June, from 7:30 to 11 PM, we will celebrate the 1st edition of MICME. Festival de Arte Interactivo, open to the public, occupying LABA Valencia [C) Quart 21-23] with installations and events around interactive art: light art, video mapping, interactivity and sound art, carried out by the students of the International Master in Multimedia Creation for Live Shows.

The festival highlights the role of multimedia and technologies as the axis of the artistic experience, where poetics, innovation and experimentation converge.

In this first edition, the festival proposes a tour of its two locations, in which 11 installations are distributed where intimate experiences coexist with live audiovisual performances and interactive improvisations in real time.

#LightArt #Videoscene #Videomapping #Madmapper #Interactivity #Touchdesigner #Processing #Artesonoro #Abletonlive


Kira Wieckenberg + Galoguin + Gerónimo Burneo

Spectral Specula
Chris Strickler + Kira Wieckenberg

Señal [ LIVE 19,45h _ 20,45h _ 21,45h ]
David Llordén + Ilgın Içözü [ música ]

Ecos silvestres
Elizabeth Mondragon + Bruno Tripodi

Laura López + Gerónimo Burneo

Galoguin + Bruno Tripodi 

Convergencias [ LIVE 20,15h _ 21,25h _ 22,15h ]
Bruno Tripodi + Gustavo Pávez + Diana Carmenate


Bina Sheraz

Surcos [ LIVE 21h _ 21,30h _ 22h ]
Iorgos Konstantinidis + Gustavo Pavez Molina + Vicente Cervera

Diana Carmenate + Kira Wieckenberg

A Giuglietti


Director: Cristina Casanova
Sub-direction and technological coordination: Manuel Conde

Teaching staff and tutoring of the projects:
Manuel Conde
Pablo Alp
Ilgın Içözü
Siddharth Gautam
Cristina Casanova

The International Master’s Degree in Multimedia Creation for Live Shows is made up of 7 modules + the module for the development of the TFM Final Master’s Project.

Throughout these modules, we will delve into multimedia creation in the field of performance and installations. You will receive training in the most important professional software: Madmapper for videomapping and videoscenes, Ableton software for sound editing and live composition, Touchdesigner language for lighting and interaction, among others.

These core modules will converge, in this edition, in the preparation and realisation of a live installation proposal, which embraces one or more elements such as light, technology, interaction, image and/or performance.



LABA Valencia. School of Art, Design & New Media – Calle Quart 21-23 – 46001 Valencia, Spain – CIF B40506768 – VAT ESB40506768
Student service phone: +34 626 68 81 51

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