University Open Call SMTH 2024 EXHIBITION

Cosette Reyes y Bruno Tripodi, winners of the digital art call SMTH+Niio

It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce that Cosette Reyes has been chosen for the second year in a row as the winner of the call for entries organised by SMTH + Niio ‘THE WORLD(S) WE WANT‘.

Bruno Tripodi, a student of the International Master in Multimedia Creation for Live Shows, was also the winner of this call for digital art.

From all the projects submitted by the 14 participating universities, the SMTH + Niio jury has chosen 5 works that are part of the digital exhibition in Madrid, Zaragoza, Bilbao, Mallorca, Malaga and LABA Valencia.

Last year we started a collaboration with SMTH.ART, especially focused on the university calls for digital art that they organise. This year, the exhibition will also come to LABA VALENCIA in October 2024.✨

Congratulations to our LABA Valencia students, and to the three remaining winners of this digital art call!

“Instant”, by Cosette Reyes

Selected winning piece of the call SMTH+Niio THE WOLDR(S) WE WANT – “instante”, by Cosette Reyes.

“The stories of the world are made up of moments that last, of what has left its mark on the planet with the passing of each species. The traces of what could have been, of what was, of what will be? What will our eyes see in the last moment of the world as we know it? What new forms of wonderful and unique life do we dare to imagine?

Inspired by the surreal universe of Alice, this work seeks to convey the melancholy and longing we feel in the face of dreamt and longed for beauty.”

Cosette Reyes


“Flores”, by Bruno Tripodi

Selected winning piece of the call SMTH+Niio THE WOLDR(S) WE WANT – “Flores”, by Bruno Tripodi.


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