Álvaro Peñalta Durán


Total number of hours: 14-15h

Number of sessions: 4.

Number of hours per session: 3-4

Total number of days:4


From November 19 to 27

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375 €


Session I: 1.Introduction to Still Life: ‘Arty’ still life photographs and commercial still life photographs (photographs of the product).

Duration: 3 hours

In this first session we will talk about the origins of still life, as well as photographers and set designers who are essential benchmarks, and artists from other disciplines such as painting and 3D who turned to the still life genre.

We will also look at the difference between benchmarks, real commercial still life images and (‘arty’) personal still life images.

We will also address more technical and stylistic aspects such as aesthetic categories, composition, colorimetry and keys to lighting.

Session II: From briefing to counter briefing: Creative counter proposal.

Duration: 4 hours

In this second session we will address the strategic and creative part of a commercial order. We will analyse a briefing of an order and we will go into detail, using real cases, what makes up a good counter briefing file.

We will talk about the process of a commercial project of still life from preproduction to production and post production.

Practice: the creation of 2-3 work groups (according to attendance) which will be given one or several briefings. Each group will have one to two hours to meet, analyse the briefing and start to develop a creative proposal which can meet the communicational objectives of the brand.

Session III: Presentation of the counter briefing to a client

Duration: 3-4 hours

Practise: this third session will be a practical one. The students will finalise their creative proposals and present their counter briefings in front of the other groups to try to pitch their creative idea to the client.

After the presentations there will be a corrections session  and we will show the students from the workshop an inventory of atrezzo and elements of set design which they will have at their disposal to carry out their creative proposals in the photo shoot which will take place in the fourth session of the workshop. Students are also free to use other elements of set design and atrezzo which are not from LABA facilities.

Session IV: Photo shoot

Duration: 4 hours

Practise: once the presentation of the creative proposals and the search and selection of props and elements of set design from the previous session has been finalised, the most practical part of the workshop, the photo shoot, will take place.

The groups along with a photographer will carry out photo session. We will then have a correction session where we will analyse the results and with this, we will conclude the workshop.

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