Vitamin Studio.
    Pablo Álvarez Pelegero
    Jorge Mujica Torres


Total number of hours: 33
Number sessions: 11
Number of hours per sessions: 3
Total number of days: 11


650 €

Introduction to interactive installations and experiences

The fusion between art, technology, advertising and marketing and other areas within the field of design is becoming more evident every day. Everything needed to design and create interactive installations in which design, art and technology are fused will be taught in this course. Interactive window displays, interactive installations in showrooms, trade fairs and advertising stands are becoming more common and in demand.

We will work on artistic psychological concepts based on emotions, brand, and customer experiences (UX/UI) and how to use the different tools and resources which are necessary when dealing with the creation of an interactive experience.

In addition to learning the theory and how to use new tools, throughout this course we will also work with students to develop an interactive project, from start to finish, which can then be revealed to a client. This way not only will we be working on the concept and theory, but we will also delve into the viability, budget, production, and function of the structure.

Throughout this course we will share the experience we have had in the 8 years we have been working on interactive installations and we will share first-hand how we created, developed and turned “worthless things” into interactive pieces for prestigious firms.


Understanding “New Media Art”. History and references.

Understanding the artistic psychology of emotions.

Designing brand experiences.

Understanding the necessary tools for the design of interactive installations.

Understanding the fusion between design and technology.

User Experience and Interactive interface.

Aimed at

Design enthusiasts who would like to get involved with the future of interactive experiences.


Basic skills in design.

Basic skills in design software.


Pablo Álvarez

I am an industrial engineer with the mind of an artist and a researcher. As a result, I base my work on the fusion between technique and aesthetics.

Born in Valencia in 1987. An industrial engineer specialising in Industrial Electronics from the Politécnica University in Valencia.

I started my career at the Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía and after a year I became a part of the product management team in the Valencian company VSE which develops and manufactures Smart Meters.

After many years in the engineering field, I decided to make a change in my career, and alongside Javier Mujica we founded Vitamin Studio. A studio where we started fusing Art and Technology.

We have been designing and creating interactive experiences for 8 years for prestigious firms around the globe.

I am currently the technical director in charge of applying technology and fusing it with the design to achieve an intuitive, aesthetic, and functional interface.

My work at the studio and on a personal level is constantly balancing between the technical, aesthetic, and interactive.

My personal work at a visual level focuses on designing simulations of physical phenomena in which simple laws give way to complex systems and realistic movements. I apply interactive interface, in this way creating a direct relationship with the user.

In developing my work, I use different types of software, programming languages and a wide range of hardware depending on the particular project.

Javier Mujica

Born in Valencia in 1987. A Fine Arts graduate from the Politécnica University in Valencia.

I am a multidisciplinary artist with training in Plastic Arts and Digital Media.

My aim is to understand new technologies and put them to use in art and design. I specialise in 3D animation, audio visual editing and project conceptualization.

I got started by developing a personal work of art based on science and quantum physics depicted in utopian theoretical projects.

I started working in 2014 along with my business partner Pablo Álvarez in founding Vitamin Arte and thanks to his knowledge in engineering we were able to turn the fusion between art and technology into a reality.

In the development of my work the software I mainly use is Cinema4D. It allows me to design 3D models of the displays and create animations.

I am currently the creative director at Vitamin and my goal is to develop projects in the field of art as well as in the business sector. I have experience working with leading brands such as: Adidas, Rebook, Porcelanosa, Siemens, Mercedes and Mahou.

These last few years we have created interactive displays in which concept, lighting and technology play a fundamental role.

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