Testimony of Federica
Ghio, LABA Brescia alumni

My name is Federica Ghio, I am from Bresciana (Italy) by birth and Madrid by adoption. I arrived in Spain at the end of my studies in scenography, with very good results and very eager to work in theater, since in Italy I had been combining studies at LABA and work on some of the works by Ezio Frigerio that premiered at the Teatro Real in Madrid. Specifically, in the workshops of her assistant Domenico Franchi. Fate would have me start my adventure with Juanjo Beloqui who commissioned me to create the backdrops for the Chenoa and Dover concert stages.

I started as an advancement assistant in a series for Antena3, “700€. Diario de una call girl”, under the artistic direction of Marcelo Pacheco. He was in charge of restoring the furniture and setting the props. The following projects were for Diagonal television (“La Señora” for Televisión Española,“Sofía, la Pelicula” for Antena3) and for Boomerang tv (“Tierra de lobos ”) always by the hand of Pacheco and already in a more present way on set, as a filming assistant.

The qualitative leap in functions has been my participation during all these years as Decoration Assistant in the Antena3 series “El Secreto de Puente Viejo, by the hand of Mercedes Canales, artistic director.I would define my experience at LABA as curious and fun. The Brescia academy allowed me to continue taking care of my hobbies and jobs while obtaining a degree. The atmosphere was very young, in every way, the teachers close to the students, and the feeling was that of having a large blank paper and a lot of tools to create. I was allowed to experiment, fail and rectify in a very simple way, learning a lot in such a short time and gaining confidence.

As professional advice, I would say that it takes a lot of dedication, perseverance and patience to prosper in this area. I celebrate my achievements but try to stay grounded in reality. I intend to learn something new every day and always keep my curiosity alive. Practice is essential. The daring, necessary.If I had to give advice to those who are interested in Fine Arts today, I would simply say that for many artistic geniuses and known wonders, something more can always be told

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Thanks Walt.

Instagram @fedypurpurina

Facebook: federica.ghio.33

Linkedin: Federica Ghio

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