Great still life photography...

Stepping through the door of the photography set invites you to enter a magical world where different lights and scenes appear every day. There is usually an intimate atmosphere, often several intimate atmospheres coexisting in different spaces under that magnificent six metre high ceiling.

Sara Álvarez and Ángela Giner are 2nd year Photo & Video students. Xavier Luján, 2nd year Digital & Multimedia Design student. They have worked together on this and other projects. Separately, they take care of every detail in their creations, setting themselves high standards and managing to create some of the most beautiful, simple and sophisticated pieces to come out of LABA. Together, they are three students in search of perfection, constantly revising and retouching every detail, three minds focused on creating a style that is enriched by long days of work.

There is nothing more beautiful than a well-done still life, a still life made from defined ideas, with art and beauty, with utilities to create landscapes without the viewer knowing how or where it was created: the reflection, the water, the waves, the reflections, the white light, the flowers, the stalks, the shadows, the candles…



Sara Álvarez

Ángela Giner 

Xavier Lujan

(Photos by Sara Álvarez, Ángela Giner and Xavier Luján)



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