Italian Design Day

Wednesday, March 23rd, at 10:30 a.m.

LABA Valencia School of Art, Design and & New Media

As part of the Italian Design Day (IDD), which is celebrated every year around the world, the Italian Embassy in Madrid has chosen Gianluca Pugliese as its representative of Italian design.  He’s a designer and professor who is applying new manufacturing techniques using 3D printers.

On March 23, 2022 at 10.30h, in collaboration with LABA Valencia School of Art, Design and & New Media, Gianluca Pugliese will give a speech about his work in the field of 3D printing, organized by the Embassy of Italy.

Valencia has been chosen as a city that is reasserting itself on the international creative scene, already iconic from the point of view of design and architecture.

“3D Printing. Design through technology and sustainability.”

Design is an English word translated into Italian as “Progetto”.  “Progettare” comes from Latin and means to throw forward, so we could say that to design is to be aware of the present and at the same time to imagine a future in which to materialize ideas.

The great challenge of design is above all to solve a problem through forms, utility, meaning, beauty and innovation. One of the great problems we face today, in order to be able to continue enjoying the enormous beauty of our planet, is the immense amount of waste that is affecting the ecosystem and biodiversity, putting our own survival at risk.

Design and technology
With the technological tool we have at our disposal, we can invent and manufacture new geometries that 10 years ago were impossible to manufacture.

Design and materials
Today we are able to regenerate materials, manufacture new products from waste and designers have a wide range of possibilities compared to the past.

Digital craftsmanship
New digital fabrication technologies are of great interest to the younger generation. Digital modeling and sculpting methods, Virtual Reality design and the new NFT (Non-fungible tokens) are opening a new door to art. The artisan process will continue to be very important and will pave the way for the new Digital Craft.

Educating the public
As happened in the case of the Panton Chair, we have a duty to educate the public in this new way of making, by proposing 3D printed objects in public places, urban spaces and stores.

Gianluca Pugliese

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