El Prado en Vol project

Final year students of the Graphic Design & Digital Media degree at LABA Valencia School of Art, Design & New Media, have been selected to participate in an exciting and challenging project: “El Prado en Vol” call.

The call, organised by the Museo Nacional del Prado in collaboration with the Foro de Asociaciones de Diseño READ, invited students to make a reinterpretation of one of the museum’s pieces of art through a 3D design. It was a unique opportunity to combine classical art with 21st century digital technology.

The election of The Annunciation, by Fra Angelico highlights the importance of understanding how art from the past can dialogue with the present.

To achieve this, the team used 3D modeling tools, real-time interaction and sound art to add a new dimension to the piece, making the experience dynamic and immersive.

“The Divinity of the Mystery Revealed” is a piece that celebrates the artistic heritage of the Italian Renaissance merged with the modern era, inviting the user to explore their sense of the divine.

It is a tribute to the divinity of a mystery revealed in an interactive creation inspired by the work of Fra Angelico. An experience that combines romanticism, mysticism and spirituality with a touch of modernity.

The starting point for this project was the analysis of Fra Angelico’s master piece, historical and cultural contexts, style and visual elements.

The art direction consisted of researching references in photography, fashion and trends. The art directors set the guidelines to develop the new concept and give the new piece a touch of contemporary modernity.

To conceptualise this work, one of the most important biblical episodes in Christianity, the moment when the Angel Gabriel announces to the Virgin Mary that she will give birth to the Son of God, was reinterpreted. Inspired by Fra Angelico, the interactive creation is not intended to simply present the revealed mystery, but to engage the viewer in a journey of exploration and reflection.

The 3D modelling was based on three-dimensional scans of people, which were modelled to represent the original work. Textures, colours and materials were then applied and lighting added to create the desired atmosphere.

The integration of the 3D model into a real-time 3D visualisation and effects engine has become an essential tool, allowing the addition of elements and effects that respond in real-time to user actions.

To make the experience more holistic, the sound design layer allows the user to create a compositional interaction and live the experience with all their senses.

The website allows the user to directly navigate and interact with the 3D piece, as well as to explore and understand the elements of the reinterpretation of this homage to The Annunciation, respecting its historical and artistic importance in the context of the Prado Museum.

Congratulations to the whole team for their professionalism and creativity in meeting this challenge.

The project was directed by:

  • Cristina Casanova, institutional direction: international artist and director of LABA Valencia, who was also in charge of the sound design of the piece.
  • Ana Piquer, art direction and 3D: 3D artist and teacher of the degree in Graphic Design & Digital Media at LABA Valencia, guided the students in the 3D modeling process, as well as in the art direction of the project.
  • Pablo Alpe, immersive project management and interactivity: artist, engineer and professor of the International Master in Multimedia Creation for Live Shows at LABA Valencia, he led the real-time team and was involved in the art direction throughout the process.
  • Merche Llorent, web direction: digital product designer and teacher of the degree in Graphic Design & Digital Media at LABA Valencia, who was in charge of leading the creation of a web app that served as the interface for the presentation of the project.

The group of final year BA (Hons) Graphic Design & Digital Media students who took part included:

  • Paula Vega – Art direction, Web design.
  • Xavier Luján – Art Direction.
  • Saani Mohammed – 3D, Real Time.
  • Felipe Taveira – 3D.
  • Nadia Toledo – 3D.
  • Gonzalo Andrés – 3D.
  • Augusto Olarte – 3D.
  • Nacho Vila – 3D.
  • Cosette Reyes – Content and Web design.
  • Valeria Montalván – Web design.
  • Victoria Álvarez – Web design.

The project, carried out by the teachers and students of LABA Valencia, is detailed on this website: https://www.labaelprado.com/ and it will be part of a virtual exhibition on the website of the Prado Museum and READ.

An interactive tour of the Prado Museum has been designed to link the selected proposals to the original pieces of art inside the museum itself.

More than 200 participants from 25 centres in nine different autonomous communities took part in the “El Prado en Vol” proposal. Out of the 25 participating projects, our project was selected, together with 4 other centres, to make the public presentation at the event that took place in En Prado on 18 December 2023. 

You can watch it below:


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