The Albufera Nature Reserve is one of the most beautiful places in Spain. Located just 10 kilometres from the city of Valencia, it is a coastal lagoon separated from the sea by a tongue of land. It occupies more than 21,000 hectares and was declared a natural park in 1986.  

The cycle routes around the Albufera are truly magical and relaxing rides. In the month of May, its rice fields are bathed in water, multiplying the surface of the lake by three. At the end of June and July, they are covered in a deep green and in September, before the rice harvest, they turn yellow. The park is a bird-watching paradise, home to endangered species, and one of the most important transit areas for many migratory species that come from northern Europe to Africa.

Every evening you can see the same postcard: the jetties are full of people, families, couples, and friends who come from all over to watch the sunset. You can breathe in the calm, enjoying an hour of shared beauty.


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