Nacho Sánchez


Total number of hours: 24h
Nº of sesions: 6h
Nº of hours per session: 4h
Total number of days: 6


From November 04 to December 09

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450 €


Session I: What is a brand movie?

We will study the concepts of Brand Movie, communication, the sender, the receiver and the channel.

We will continue to review concepts about creativity, inspiration and understanding, content and form.

Session II: Analysis and practical class

Session III: From abstract to reality I

We will analyze the narrative text and the format and the different levels of narration such as the soundtrack and the image that we create both shooting and in post production.

Session IV: From abstract to reality II

We will study production and its components, post-production and its variants, following the sound system and its elements and the broadcast.

Session V: Practical session

Creation of work groups and conceptualization of an idea.

Session VI: Production

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