Viewing Students' Portfolios

Last week, the students of the Unit “Techniques and Processes” – 1st year of Photography & video degree, participated in a portfolio viewing in order to receive external feedback.

It was one of the highlights of the Assignment Brief they received at the beginning of the course. The Assignment Brief suggested that students work throughout the academic year on the design of an exhibition showcasing individual unpublished projects, and develop a dossier to offer to various institutions to host the exhibition.

We are grateful to Ismael Chappaz, professor at LABA VALENCIA and director of the House of Chappaz, gallery @houseofchappaz, Joaquín Ruiz, head of curating and coordination at  Gestión Arte Ventura, Laura Campos, head of culture at Fundación Bancaja @fundacionbancaja, and Vincent Urbani, professor at LABA VALENCIA, a renowned photographer in the fields of advertising, fashion, and reportage.


UNIT4: Techniques and Processes
Photography and video degree
Prof Eduardo García Nieto


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