Francesc Ribes
    Manuel Conde


Total number of hours: 16
No. of sessions: 4
Number of home study hours: 4
Total number of days: 4


650 €

Workshop Creative lights Installations

Creativity applied to the field of lighting is increasingly in vogue, as is the number of artists who choose light as their means of expression. Advances in materials and techniques have expanded and eliminated countless boundaries. The “digitization” of light has encouraged a change of models that paves the way for visual artists.

What path can you follow to make creative light installations applying the experience you already have as an artist, or the knowledge you have acquired as a student?

In this workshop you will discover light as a raw material in light art installations, the paths you can follow to incorporate light into your creations, the most innovative materials and techniques and the new territories where light art is expanding.

You will experiment through the dissection, manipulation, modification and reformulation of lighting installations created “in situ” by Radiante. You will work on your creativity sketching, being inspired by the most current references and creating small prototypes on paper.

But not everything is paper, you will manipulate both concepts and technical materials of all kinds, such as laser light, LEDs, robotic lighting, video projectors, servo motors, conductive inks, sensors, wireless devices and semi-transparent screens, among others.


Acquire the basic knowledge to begin to utilise light as an element of artistic expression.
Initiate visual artists in the processes, tools and software necessary to create artistic installations with light.
Encourage creativity in lighting design through the analysis of references and “in situ” installations created specifically for the workshop.
Know the possibilities and limits of materials (laser light, LED, robotic lighting, video projectors, servomotors, conductive inks, sensors, wireless devices, translucent screens, holographic screens, polarized screens) and techniques (pixelmapping, videomapping).

Aimed at

People interested in digital art, installations, photography, lighting design, light art, video art, urban art, kinetic art, public art, intervention, architecture.


Computer skills at the user level in OSX and Windows environments.

Although it is not essential, in some sessions it will be helpful to have knowledge of composition, image processing and animation.


Francesc Ribes is a creative director and Manuel Conde is a lighting designer and video stage designer, both of whom have developed their work at Radiante, an artistic collective with experience in the world of entertainment and light art, developing very diverse works and projects with light always as a raw material.
Their scope of action has been from theaters to electronic music clubs such as Le Club en València (2002-2009), which has allowed them to interact with visual artists and musicians, creating hundreds of temporary installations and experimenting with innovative techniques before they had emerged.

Their constant experimentation has led them to incorporate video as a source of light, as in one of their latest video scenes, that of the play “Valenciana, la realitat es suficient” written and directed by Jordi Casanovas and premiered at the Teatro Principal in Valencia. They have mixed materials and techniques, as in the audiovisual shows created for various works such as “The Disasters of War” by Daniel García Andújar, “Eklesía” and “Renaiximent” by Miguel Arráiz and David Moreno, with which they participated in the Burning festival. Man from Nevada (USA) or the light art piece “Volumens” for the first edition of the Volumens festival at the MUVIM Valencian museum or the show “Encesa Turia” at the La Nau Cultural Center of the University of Valencia.

Currently they have opened their research process to other artists through open sessions in which they prototype installations and performances in spaces such as the Center del Carme in Valencia.

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