Vitamin Studio.
    Pablo Álvarez Pelegero
    Jorge Mujica Torres


Total number of hours: 33
Number sessions: 11
Number of hours per sessions: 3
Total number of days: 11


From November 2 to December 7 

Download here the schedules


Session I: Introduction to New Media Art.

Pablo Álvarez y Javier Mujica

Introduction of the faculty to students.

Course layout.

Introduction to New Media Art.


Work experience *to be disclosed.

Session II: Artistic psychology I: Emotions

Javier Mujica

1.Psychology of perception.

2.Psychology and theory of colour.

3.Emotions and Experiences.

Work experience of emotions. Javier Mujica.

Session III: Artistic Psychology II: Concept

Javier Mujica

1. Searching for artistic concept and its importance.

2. Concept association – interactive structure

Session IV: Interactive installations.

Pablo Álvarez

First part.

1. Relating artistic psychology to interactive installations.

2. Introduction to brand experience.

Second part.
Session in group division for the final project. Javier y Pablo

Session V: Brand experience I: Theory.

Pablo Álvarez

1. User experience (interactive installations).

2. Interface

3. Product/service relationship – Interactivity.

4. Possibilities and references.

5. Pre and Post Event

Work experience *to be disclosed.

Session VI: Brand experience II: Working on final project.

Pablo Álvarez & Javier Mujica.

1.  Class work to define the concept and a detailed plan for the completion of the project.

2. Presentation and corrections.

Session VII: Tools I: Theory

Pablo Álvarez

1. Introduction to software for the design and presentation of installations.

2. Introduction to specific software for interactive installations and to the world of “real time”

a. Touchdesigner

b. Spark Ar

c. Processing and p5.js

3. Introduction to hardware for interactive installations.

a. Arduino

b. Sensors

c. Led lighting

Session VIII: Tools II: Hands on practice

Pablo Álvarez & Javier Mujica.

Hands on practical session for the design of an interactive scaled model in which there will be an introduction to tools such as:

Sensors and electronics

Video Mapping



Session IX: Immersive visual experiences.

Javier Mujica

First part.

1. Large scale immersive experiences.

2. Creation of 3D content for immersive experiences.

3. Introduction to different elements for enhancing experiences.

4. The importance of sound.

Second part.

Classwork on the final project.

Session X: Interactive immersive experiences.

Pablo Álvarez

1. Large scale interactive experiences.

2. Creation of content for interactive experiences.

3. Viability and limitations.

Second Part.

Classwork on the final project.

Sesión XI: Final Project Presentation

Pablo Álvarez & Javier Mujica

Session on the presentation of the final project.

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