Interview with Jesús Gallent, professor at LABA Valencia

Meet Jesús Gallent, Faculty member:

“I am a designer who asks himself a lot of questions. I have been working for more than 20 years to make other people’s projects successful, working from the strategic and conceptual part to the more tactical part. Projects with insurance companies (Adeslas, Aviva, Allianz …), energy companies (Repsol Lucera …), banking, telecoms, Nestlé, Renfe … and many Spanish SMEs. In the end my work is a lot about understanding the real problem and work hand in hand with the staff to achieve their goals. Normally delivering a digital product (web, app, dashboard …), a communication and brand strategy, or even with the incorporation of new talent. The work I deliver depends on the type of project, but there is always a component of creativity, conception and inclusion”.

“Making a good design not only consists of having a consistent or attractive visual, but above all, good design has to meet the users’ needs. And how do we do that? With the User Experience (UX). This is where we investigate those users’ needs, test them, and validate them in order to build a correct solution, in this case solid digital products. Being digital, these products continually evolve and improve thanks to metrics and data. Therefore, the work in UX not only involves design but also an important part of research and data”.

“I recommend the work of friends and colleagues: David Navarro, Coca Rivas, Lou Downe, Javier Corrales, Manu Gamero

Instagram: @jesusgallent
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Linkedin: @jesusgallent

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