Interview with Pierluigi Barberis, professor at LABA Valencia

We’d like to introduce you to Pierluigi Barberis member of our teaching staff. He teaches #Ableton software in the International Master in Multimedia Creation for Performing Arts and Live Shows:

“Pierluigi Barberis is part of the artistic duo Curiosibot. Along with Alayna Hughes, he develops artistic experiences and installations for a world ruled by innovation. The duo builds an ecosystem where music, lights, robotics and technology come together to create something astounding. A wide range of festivals from around the world have displayed Pierluigi’s artistic presentations and installations, including Sonar+D and Maker Faires in Paris, Rome, Bilbao, and the United States.

Back in his home country of Ecuador, he majored in Sound Engineering and worked as a professor and coordinator for the Sound Engineering & Acoustics undergraduate degree. He worked for a long time in recording studios, but little by little technology was incorporated into his projects. This led him to pursue a master’s degree in Music, Technology, and Innovation in Valencia, graduating in 2014.

From that moment onwards, he began his search for new technologies. He incorporated them into his musical and artistic projects so that he could then present them to the public.

“Ableton Live is an ideal tool for recording, composing, arranging, mixing and designing live performances. Within the Ableton Live module we will learn these key concepts, in addition to covering other aspects of production, synthesis, mixing, effects processing and the best workflows for every need and presentation. We will offer sessions designed for live events, showcasing how each tool in Ableton Live can help you create a great show in a straightforward way.

The International Master in Multimedia Creation for Performing Arts of #labavalencia will take you to places within the performance industry that you’ve never seen before. The possibility of merging technology with the talent of successful artists will help you create performances that will leave audiences in awe. The most innovative theatre companies are looking for profiles like yours”.

Instagram: @pierluigi8
Facebook: @pierluigi.barberis
Twitter: @pierluigi8

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