Interview with Ismael Chappaz, professor at LABA Valencia

Meet Ismael Chappaz, Faculty member:

“Born in the early 80’s, of Swiss origin, Ismael studied photography and design. He is the founder and co-owner of the design studio Tactelgraphics from 2005 to 2020. He is currently the director of the contemporary art gallery House of Chappaz in Valencia and House of Chappaz Toormix in Barcelona, and also acts as an independent curator.

Contextual studies is a core subject. We’ll work in detail on the history of design and its relationship with the different contemporary artistic and architectural manifestations. The subject provides essential training for the future of all professionals in terms of styles, movements, trends and designers: the content completes the technical education of the designer from the necessary historical-conceptual reflection. “

Individual project is one of the subjects that best reflects the LABA spirit. It fuses inspiration, practice and the professional world. Students will have the possibility to put into practice all the skills they have acquired in their other subjects. They will learn to investigate, analyze and shape their ideas, facing a challenge that responds to a demand for a real project in the creative industries. They will have to combine and put into practice the knowledge acquired to devise the project: a campaign, the creation of audiovisual materials, a festival, an exhibition catalog, etc., from the most professional perspective possible ”.

“Current authors that interest me:
Music: @bjork
Artist: @patricia.piccinini
Graphic designer: @antoineetmanuel
Fashion designer: @julianzigerliofficial
Architect: @andres_jaque

Instagram: @houseofchappaz 
Facebook: @houseofchappaz
Twitter: @HouseOfChappaz

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