Academic Year students exhibition | March 2022

On March 6, 2022 we inaugurated the first exhibition of the students of LABA Valencia. School of Art, Design & New Media, which can be visited at our headquarters until May, by making an appointment by emailing [email protected].

These are the first six months of life of the degrees. Students who enroll in LABA Valencia have a passion for what they are going to study and a clear vision of what they want their professional future to be. From here, they are open to learning everything from the history of design, photography and video to the most current techniques, concepts and processes that will help them make a 365-degree turn in their own expressive language and ability to develop professionally.

Seeing the growth of the students throughout the first six months of LABA Valencia’s first year is an exciting experience. Together with their teachers and classmates, they have made a progression directing their work both personally and professionally, imprinting their own character in their designs, multimedia proposals, photographs and short films.

We are waiting for you to enjoy this first great exhibition of the students of LABA Valencia.

Cristina Casanova.
Director of LABA Valencia 



Degree en Photography & Video

Alina Gorbacheva 






Sara Álvarez

@saralvrzp «Hygge»



Marina Mustica 








Clara Zinaida 










Claudia Arenas






Victoria Del Pino Nissen

@vicdelpino «Strella Fugaz»





Aquiles Iváñez






Mateo Morales

@mateo_nicolalde «Feelings»





Belén Paredes

@b_metamorphopsia «Narciso»





Degree en Diseño Digital y Multimedia

Paula Vega

@paulaavpinar «Fulminare»

Edd Mallory (Eduardo López)

@edd.mallory «Serie Love a Davide»

Andrea Vives


Edera Tejel Sciarabba


Ignacio Vila Crespo

@nacho.dsgs @majo_126 «Tetris»

Alejandra Campuzano

@heymacystudio «Breaking with the structure»


LABA Valencia. School of Art, Design & New Media – Calle Quart 21-23 – 46001 Valencia, Spain – CIF B40506768 – VAT ESB40506768
Student service phone: +34 626 68 81 51

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